Размеры порций

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Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender and Shaker

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Here's a shaker I recommend for smoothies:  Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender with 900 Watt Base and Vitamin and Nutrient Extraction for Shakes and Smoothies with 18 and 24-Ounce Cups Amazon…

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Digital Kitchen Scale

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Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale, 11 lb 5 kg, Silver, Stainless Steel (Batteries Included), $10.88 Amazon description: Equipped with 4 high precision sensors to give you accurate weight all…

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Well, seems like our program has come to an end. If you liked it, I would really appreciate if you could leave a review here: https://www.facebook.com/gottobefit/reviews. And of course, let's discuss…

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Привет, вот и закончилась наша с тобой программа. Если тебе понравилось, я буду очень благодарна, если ты сможешь оставить мне отзыв тут: https://www.facebook.com/gottobefit/reviews

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Hi, a week passed, please add your measurements to the website today: https://gottobe.fit/measure

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Поздравляю с переходом на новую неделю! Не забудь измериться и внести замеры сюда: https://gottobe.fit/measure Неделя позади! Пожалуйста внеси все замеры на сайт: https://gottobe.fit/measure Доброе утро! Прошла неделя - давай внесем замеры:…

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