Groceries shopping

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First Read the  ingredients! First ingredient is 60-80 % of a product. So if you have rye bread, rye should appear as the first ingredient. Anything else as the first ingredient…

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Program rules

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1. Enjoy, always enjoy! No regrets if you ate something you were “not supposed” to eat. 2. You can eat anything. It just comes down to when and how much.…

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The products in each list can be used interchangeably (the amount is adjusted to be comparable) PROTEINS:  Lean Beef baked/grilled/roasted on a dry pan/instant pot - 3oz   Liver (chicken/beef)…

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Before and after workout

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Power lifting Before Eat a regular meal 1-1½ hour before practice and add 5-6 tablespoons of any grain from a list (oatmeal, rice, etc.) After 5-10 minutes after practice, eat one of the following:…

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Produce list (Breakfast, snacks, late dinner)

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Kefir Protein Powder (sport nutrition) BCAA (sport nutrition, pre- and post-workout) Crisp bread Fitness rye bread Wheat bran Steel cut oats Gluten Free Oats( for gluten intolerance)   Rolled oats Buckwheat…

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What to eat and what to avoid

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